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Tri-Stone Insurance, spearheaded by Tonya Daharsh, came into existence in 2022. Tonya's career path spans a remarkable 19 years as a nurse, 9 years as a certified personal trainer, and 12 years as a yoga instructor. Her multifaceted background underscores a profound understanding of the pivotal role insurance plays in promoting a healthy lifestyle. This realization wasn't solely professional but also deeply personal.

In 2016, Tonya faced a harrowing incident when her 3-year-old daughter, Taryn, suffered a grievous lawnmower accident resulting in a partial leg amputation. Advocating for her daughter and supporting patients in similar situations illuminated for Tonya the vital necessity of comprehensive insurance coverage. This fusion of professional expertise and personal adversity propelled Tonya towards a new career trajectory.

In 2021, armed with a determination to make a meaningful difference, Tonya acquired her insurance license. Initially aligning with larger brokerages, she soon recognized her potential to better serve individuals as an independent broker. Licensed across 24 states for health and life insurance and 7 states for property and casualty, Tonya remains steadfast in her commitment to crafting tailored insurance solutions.

Tri-Stone Insurance specializes in an array of coverage, encompassing health, dental, vision, commercial, life, home, auto, accident, and pet insurance. Tonya's approach revolves around personalized service, meticulously comparing diverse carriers to secure optimal rates tailored to each client's unique requirements. Her mission transcends mere coverage; she stands as an unwavering ally, providing continual support and education as her clients' circumstances evolve.

At Tri-Stone Insurance, Tonya isn't just protecting policies; she's safeguarding futures.  Providing peace of mind that's set in stone.




Tri-Stone Insurance's mission is simple: to provide  peace of mind that's set in stone , through  tailored insurance solutions  and  individual unwavering support , ensuring your confidence in the face of life's uncertainties


Compassionate Advocacy:

We advocate fiercely for our clients, drawing from personal and professional experiences to ensure their peace of mind remains our top priority.

Personalized Excellence:

We excel in tailoring insurance solutions, meticulously comparing carriers to secure optimal rates aligned with each client's unique needs.

Reliability and Support:

We stand as unwavering allies, providing continual support and education as our clients' circumstances evolve, ensuring they are empowered with the right information.

Resilience and Adaptability:

We adapt swiftly to changing landscapes, leveraging resilience to navigate challenges and serve our clients better.

Integrity and Trust:

Integrity forms the cornerstone of our interactions, fostering trust as we guide our clients through their insurance journey.

Community Commitment:

We are committed to serving our community, offering expertise, resources, and support to enhance the lives of those we touch.

Hey there, I'm Tonya Daharsh, the proud mother of three wonderful kids – Taryn, Tayah, and Samson. They are my biggest inspirations and the reason behind everything I do, including founding Tri-Stone Insurance. With 19 years as a nurse, 9 years as a certified personal trainer, and 12 years as a yoga instructor, my journey has been shaped by experiences that highlight the critical importance of insurance in leading a healthy, secure life.

In 2016, my daughter's life-altering accident reaffirmed my belief in the vital need for comprehensive insurance coverage. This moment, combined with years of advocating for patients, inspired me to found Tri-Stone Insurance. I'm passionate about ensuring families have access to the protection and peace of mind they deserve.

Beyond my work, I'm all about healthy living. You'll often find me working out or playing with my kids. But my passion extends beyond my family—I serve on the board of directors for Project Intentional, a non-profit that supports single parents and caretakers. It's a cause close to my heart, and through this organization, I channel my compassion to uplift those facing similar challenges.

I'm more than just an insurance broker; I'm your partner in securing peace of mind. My dedication to both my profession and community underscores my commitment to making a positive impact in your life. Let's work together towards a safer, brighter future.

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